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For inquiries and further information, please contact the CME Department

I&C is CME Provider accredited by Commissione Nazionale per la Formazione Continua, the Italian National Commission for Continuing Education; ID: 5387.

Accreditation by type: general (all education activities, namely residential, in-field, and distance training/e-learning).

Accreditation by profession: general (all professions).

I&C specializes in the organization and logistics of congresses and training activities, also at an international level. In this field, training courses which have obtained the recognition of European CME have been organized.



At our on-site events, learning is assessed through an online multiple-choice questionnaire.

Learners will receive an email with a direct link to the questionnaire. Learners shall:

  1. fill in/check their personal data
    (date and place of birth, occupation, discipline, etc.)
  2. fill out the following questionnaires:
  • event evaluation form
  • I&C questionnaire (quality and training needs)
  •  questionnaire on learning

Learners can fill out ALL the questionnaires ONLY ONCE by clicking on ‘Send questionnaires’ at the bottom of the page. Please be advised that once you have clicked on the button ‘Send questionnaires’, it will no longer be possible to change answers. Please also note that questionnaires are properly sent only if you see the green confirmation screen as shown below:

After the expiry date of the publication of the questionnaire online (the deadline being within three days from the end of the course, as established by the relevant regulations), the Provider’s CME Department will check for each learner:

  • if the learner has passed the test (minimum performance:75%)
  • the learner’s attendance: minimum 90% of the training activity

and CME credits will be assigned accordingly


At the end of the event, or in any case within a few hours from the end, participants will receive an activation email.

If you cannot see this email in your inbox, we suggest you to:

  1. check the junk/spam folder;
  2. promptly contact the CME Department for appropriate checks, and provide a different e-mail address if necessary.


In our online courses, learning is assessed through a multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ) with double randomisation. To obtain CME credits regarding the event in point it is mandatory to:

  1. correctly answer at least 75% of the questions in the learning questionnaire. Please note that to pass the test a maximum of five attempts are allowed, and that for each single attempt all of the content will be covered again;
  2. fill out the event evaluation form;
  3. fill in the I&C questionnaire (quality and training needs).

For Synchronous Distance Learning courses you can fill in the questionnaire within three days after the conclusion of the course. For Asynchronous Distance Learning courses, on the other hand, questionnaires can be completed at any time while the course is online.

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